Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Colorado Kids Create drawing contest! We are excited to announce the winners below.

Our 2023 Grand Prize Winner is….

Harika Shankar, 18, Fort Collins
Teacher: Christy Alden

The 2023 High School contest winners are…

1st Place: Desiree Martinez, 15, Pueblo
Teacher: April Vickey

2nd Place: Elizabeth Herzog, 17, Pueblo
Teacher: April Vickey

3rd Place: Lillyanne Christensen, 17, Delta
Teacher: Christy Hill

4th Place: Amber Yoakum, 18, Pueblo
Teacher: April Vickey

The 2023 Middle School contest winners are…

1st Place: Adassah MacAlmon, 14, Greeley
Teacher: Nicole McAlmon

2nd Place: Ethan Jinu Lee, 12, Highlands Ranch
Teacher: Hye M Jung

3rd Place: Ethan Kim, 13, Aurora
Teacher: Jorge Munoz

4rd Place: Ava Gabelson, 13, Grand Junction
Teacher: Megan Henry

The 2023 Elementary School contest winners are…

1st. Place: Clara Seo, 12, Colorado Springs
Teacher: Leah Lowe

2nd Place: Anabelle Remakus, 9, Fort Collins
Teacher: Coleen Coco Cosner

3rd Place: Enora Zhang, 10, Windsor
Teacher: Pamela Tallon

4th Place: Nora Myers, 9, Evans
Teacher: Jill Burczky

The 2023 NoCo regional contest winner is…

Monika Shanker, 13, Fort Collins
Teacher: Christy Alden