1. Back in the Saddle Again

    Have you ever sat in a saddle on the back of a horse? Once upon a fleeting time, on September 29, 1907 a baby boy was born. His name was Gene Autry and he grew up to become a famous, American cowboy. Mr. Autry was a musician, singer, rodeo performer, actor and businessman. He owned television and radio stations and the Los Angeles Angels baseball team! His singing cowboy films helped make Country …Read More

  2. The Denver Broncos

    Have you ever watched or played football? Once upon a fleeting time, football was a popular peasant game in Europe. The footballs were made by inflating pig’s bladders! In 1855, U. S. inventor, Charles Goodyear, began to make footballs out of rubber. Today they are made from either rubber or cow’s hide. American football is a team sport played on a rectangular field. It involves kicking, carry…Read More

  3. Rattlesnake Kate

    Have you ever seen a rattlesnake? Once upon a fleeting time, in 1894, a little girl was born in a log cabin in Northern Colorado. Her name was Katherine Slaughterback. Kate for short. Kate grew up and had a son. Early one October morning, she lifted 3-year-old, Ernie, onto her saddle and the pair headed to a pond to hunt ducks. As Kate hopped off her Pinto pony to open a gate, she heard a startlin…Read More