1. In Our Corner

    What do you love about living in Colorado? Once upon a fleeting time in 1861, Congress chose to name a territory in the Western United States, Colorado. The word, Colorado, is Spanish for colored red. Early Spanish explorers named the Colorado River this because of the reddish silt that came down from the mountains giving the water a muddy, red hue. There are so many mountains in Colorado and 54 o…Read More

  2. Bent’s Fort

    If you wanted to buy a new toy, where would you go? Once upon a fleeting time, two brothers named Charles and William Bent wanted to trade possessions and send supplies to other towns. Today we go to big stores to buy things like books, food, blankets and stuffed animals. It wasn’t like that with mountain men and women! Money and cards buy things but mountain folk traded gold and silver to get w…Read More

  3. Albert Bierstadt

    Do you know what a landscape is? Once upon a fleeting time there lived a boy named Albert who sketched pictures with crayons. He did not know that one day a high mountain and a serene lake in Colorado would be named after him because of his majestic artwork. You see, Albert never stopped drawing and he learned to paint in oils developing into a very fine artist. Albert was born in 1830 and as a yo…Read More